What We Do

What We Do

The Africa Faith and Justice Network acts as a voice to inform and motivate people to take action in their local communities and internationally. We work closely with many constituents on the ground all over Africa as well as with individuals and congregations in the US. We have three levels of organizing that you can get involved in:

Grassroots organizing and advocacy :

Spreading knowledge and gaining widespread support is so important to changing mindsets and influencing our policymakers. You can attend or host an event to raise awareness and educate your community on situations in Africa that need our attention. Sign petitions, write letters to your government officials and show them you care about Africa.

Individual and Congregational Membership :

Both individuals and congregations are important to spreading our mission and supporting the work we do – in fact we can’t do it without you! Members are kept up to date on our happenings, receive our newsletter and participate in our annual conference.

Political Advocacy :

While community based organizing is very important, there are other barriers that prevent the spread of justice. We focus on lobbying for policy changes in our government that support a more just and peaceful world by meeting with government officials and pushing for resolutions and actions on specific issues that need our attention.